Jack Swiggett

Web & Mobile Engineer

January - April 2019

Software Engineer at Arivale

At Arivale, we combined science, technology, and one-on-one coaching to help people stay healthy and live life to the fullest.

I owned frontend development on a new, forward-thinking product, designed to offer the same exceptional efficacy as our flagship program while dramatically reducing cost and customer friction.

I also proposed and implemented extensive improvements to our codebase and mobile app architecture, leveling up its performance, stability, and user experience.

May - December 2018

Technical Co-Founder at Kaimo

Kaimo is a platform to help people explore and implement healthy lifestyle changes, track their efficacy, and develop a highly personalized approach to health and wellness.

As the sole engineer, I built and deployed a scalable, full stack application from the ground up, with frontends for browser, iOS and Android. I also designed and tested extensive UI/UX mockups and worked closely with end-users.

Ultimately, I decided that Kaimo’s vision would be best realized in a larger organization with deeper medical expertise, which is why I decided to join Arivale.

June - September 2017

Actively Learn

Software Engineering Intern

April - July 2016

INEVAL Environnement

Software Engineering Intern

January - June 2016


Computer Science Research Intern

June - September 2015

Synapse Product Development

Software Engineering Intern


Stanford University

B.S. in Computer Science, 2018
Focus in Human-Computer Interaction
Minor in French


Terman Award for Scholastic Achievement in Engineering
President’s Award for Academic Excellence in the Freshman Year
Graduated with Distinction
Elected to Phi Beta Kappa


A web app to evaluate alternative music notation systems


An algorithm and web platform to facilitate automated mission planning for agricultural drones

Functional Web Apps

A bare-bones web app implemented in Elm and Reason, along with a comparison of the two languages


A native iOS app prototype to help people who have recently moved to a new country


A React Native app to facilitate spontaneous and inexpensive travel

Limerick Land

A web platform for creating and sharing collaborative, crowdsourced poetry